Leading companies in
BLUE growth

Ostend Science Park is a high-tech knowledge hub, entirely dedicated to marine and maritime business. It is the first of its kind in Belgium and is the perfect breeding ground to boost your blue business.

Business meets blue science
It joins the forces of three founding partners – Ghent University, Port of Oostende and POM (West-Flanders Development Agency) – with leading companies in BLUE growth.

It is the operating base of many internationally renowned and highly regarded marine and maritime academics from Ghent University.

Excellently located. Easily accessible.
Situated in the Port of Oostende, which harbours many companies in the circular and sustainable industry, our Blue Valley potential increases every day. Motorway, train station and airport are just minutes away. Find us here.

With 3 founding partners

Ghent University is a top 100 university. Thanks to its in-depth research within a wide range of scientific domains, its international scope and its interdisciplinary approach, Ghent University plays a leading role in marine and maritime research, impacting people all around the world. Technical innovation and innovative research are Ghent University’s key drivers in enforcing blue growth.

West Flanders Development Agency (POM) wants to strengthen a sustainable economy in West Flanders with a specific focus on innovative businesses. POM stimulates collaboration between businesses, higher education institutions, knowledge centers, regional policy-making bodies and social partners to reinforce the position of West Flanders as an internationally oriented, dynamic, competitive and sustainable region.

It’s the aim of Port of Oostende to excel in blue growth by offering dedicated port facilities, infrastructure and an extended business network to both domestic and international companies.

Joining Ostend Science Park is joining Ghent University’s worldwide network. By working closely together, more and meaningful research can be done for companies.

Ostend Science Park Partner - Rik Van de Walle

Rik Van de Walle
Rector Ghent University

West Flanders offers through Ostend Science Park a unique basis for the blue growth of your business.

Ostend Science Park Partner - Jean de Bethune

Jean de Bethune
Member of the Provincial Executive for Economy and International Cooperation

This is the place where new technologies will find their way to water-related markets, increasing employment opportunities in Ostend.

Ostend Science Park Partner - Dirk Declerck

Dirk Declerck
CEO Port Oostende

An ambitious Board of Directors

For Ghent University

Rik Van de Walle

Ignace Lemahieu

Isabel Van Driessche

Mike Nachtegael


Tom Van Welden

Jean de Bethune

For Port Of Oostende

Verkeyn Charlotte

Dirk Declerck

And a dedicated executive committee

Prof. Dr. Carl Devos Chairman & CEO
Dirk Declerck For Port of Oostende
Lieven Tack POM
Lieven Tack Managing Director POM
Johan Bil For Ghent University
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