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Innovating in marine and maritime industries

Water is what binds us. Ostend Science Park is the place to be to turn your innovations into successful business projects.

Open innovation

Ostend Science Park fosters the collaboration between companies, researchers and government. Enabling companies to stay in touch with state-of-the-art academics, allowing scientists to get insight in the evolutions in business, helping governments to strengthen their vision on BLUE growth.

The world-class marine and maritime research, laboratories and test facilities at the site of Ostend Science Park will support you in further developing your business. Many academic staff members of our partner Ghent University have their office in the Bluebridge building, headquarters of Ostend Science Park.

Ostend Science Park service

Preferential contact and collaboration with the internationally renowned researchers of Ghent University.

Ostend Science Park service

Acces to laboratories and test facilities at the site.

Ostend Science Park service

Join high-level events in blue business.

Ostend Science Park service

Rely on our knowledge brokers’ services and network.


Bluebridge is the cleantech incubator on Ostend Science Park.
The incubator provides office spaces, meeting rooms and laboratories and offers advice and guidance to occupants.

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Bluebridge residents

POM West-Vlaanderen
Combilogo Flanders Hydra Rerearch State Of The Art
Demurrage DESK
Meet Het Digital Twin

Ostend Science Park companies

e-BO Enterprises is marktleider in het aanbieden van geïntegreerde oplossingen en diensten in heel uiteenlopende nichemarkten.

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Stories & Events

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WaterClimateHub partners with GEOxyz

Exciting news last week during the first event of the WaterClimateHub 'Together over Water' at Bluebridge.

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Geoxyz Eerste Spadesteek 1

Future resident of Ostend Science Park, GEOxyz, on board for the construction of phase one of the Westdiep Sea Farm

Future resident of Ostend Science Park, GEOxyz, on board for the construction of phase one of the Westdiep Sea Farm

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ux solutions geoxyx ostend science park bluebridge

UXsolutions and GEOxyz join forces.

The West Flemish companies GEOxyz bv from Zwevegem and the Ostend company UXSolutions bv have decided from now on to combine their know-how and strengths. GEOxyz will soon be settling on Ostend Science Park territory. UXSolutions has been part of the Bluebridge residents for some time, where he has an office in this headquarters of Ostend Science Park.

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