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Joining forces in an international network

Settling at Ostend Science Park means that you will be included in our ecosystem and be part of our international network. Become part of something bigger.

Flanders Maritime Laboratory

Flanders Maritime Laboratory, a research site of the Flemish Government, houses state of the art research facilities; a towing tank, a coastal and ocean basin, and ship simulator facilities (future development). Research projects, both academic and commercial are done in close cooperation between Flanders Hydraulics Research, Ghent University and Leuven University.

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Flanders Marine Institute

The Flanders Marine Institute promotes marine knowledge creation and excellence through sound interdisciplinary research about the ocean, seas, coast and tidal estuaries. We do this in close collaboration with other (marine) research groups, citizens, policy makers and industrial partners in Flanders, Belgium, and through international collaboration.

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The Blue Cluster

The blue cluster is an independent and neutral partner that supports Flemish companies in setting up partnerships with other companies, knowledge centers and government institutions with a view to developing and promoting economic activities at sea. We facilitate the innovation process throughout the entire chain, from idea generation to (international) marketing. Beside our office in Antwerp, we are located in Bluebridge at Ostend Science Park.

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Belgian Offshore Cluster

The network organisation to promote Belgian companies working in the Offshore Industry. Belgian companies are worldwide leaders and have the knowledge and technology to grow. There is however still an untapped potential to grow both locally and internationally.

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ILVO stands for multidisciplinary, independent research and specialized service provision in all fields related to agriculture, fisheries and food in Flanders. ILVO, an internationally recognized scientific institute, is part of the Government of Flanders. Discover here what this means for you.

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REBO Terminal

A company cluster has been developed in the outer port of Oostende. More than 50 companies active in the supply chain of offshore energy are currently settled in Oostende.

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Ostend Drone Hub

With its unique location by the sea and the presence of both an airport and a seaport, Ostend has many assets for the deployment of drones, be it aerial, nautical of terrestrial. Ostend Dronehub combines research, education, support & maintenance and commercialization of drone applications and has the ambition to make Ostend the first dronehub that facilitates drones in controlled airspace. Want to know more about what Ostend Dronehub can do for you, visit the website.

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The Blue Energy Cluster

West Flanders has always been a pioneer in the domain of blue energy. To continue fulfilling this exemplary rol in the future, the provincial blue energy cluster brings knowledge partners of the sector together. To explore new pathways and to stimulate growth, companies are able to call upon the available know-how, expertise, research and innovation.

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Upcoming events

Bluebridge - Ostend Science Park
May 31
Header Kickoff Ready4decom

Wind turbine decommissioning: a closer look at the challenges and opportunities

Kick-off Ready4Decom

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Bluebridge - Ostend Science Park
June 13
Dronwewest 2023

Dronewest 2023

Inspections of wind farms and solar panels, medical transport, underwater munitions demining, inventory mapping in warehouses and depots... Drones are becoming more and more capable, so the list of applications is getting longer and longer.

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Ghent and Ostend
July 03 - July 14
Savethedate Summerschool July 2023 (005)

Blue Science & Technology Summer Training

Marine@UGent, partners and the EPIBOOST consortium are pleased to announce the next edition of the Blue Science & Technology Summer Training edition 2023. We offer a two-week intensive programme which will provide participants a strong foundation to further develop a career in the blue economy and life sciences.

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Thornton Bank Phase1 C Power

North Sea Summit Ostend

On Monday 24th of april, a coalition of nine countries gathered in Ostend, Belgium to discuss plans for a major green power plant and the expansion of offshore wind farm capacity in the North Sea.

Last year in May, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands signed the 'Esbjerg Declaration', aiming to create the largest sustainable energy plant in the North Sea. This agreement intends to address Europe's reliance on Russia for fossil fuel imports by promoting local energy production. Belgium, a leader in offshore wind turbine construction, is one of the signatories of the declaration.

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Img 4025

New edition The Crystal Ship

The latest installment of The Crystal Ship has arrived in Ostend, showcasing over twenty new pieces of artwork around the city.

The festival, which began during the first week of the Easter holiday season, brought twelve international artists to the Ostend, featuring legends such as MoMo, Hera, and Slim Safont. With this eighth edition, the total count of large walls and smaller pieces has now reached over eighty and one hundred, respectively, as all new works have been incorporated into the existing route.

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Life X Bluebike Artist Impression Large Logo

Soon with an electric Blue-bike to Ostend Science Park?

Blue-bike, the popular bike-sharing company, has announced the launch of their new electric Blue-bikes that in the near future will offer a sustainable and comfortable commute to Ostend Science Park. The e-bikes feature advanced technology that ensures a smooth and safe ride for users. With this new initiative, Blue-bike aims to provide a convenient and eco-friendly transportation solution for employees and visitors of the park.

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