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Aftermovie Drone West

On June 23, the drone sector came to a sun-drenched Ostend. The base for all the drone activity was Bluebridge in Ostend Science Park.

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Training Lab Blue Economy

We keep growing with additional training infrastructure on our premises. The training lab blue economy offers possibilities to improve the skills of employees in the blue economy. This training center will be equiped with the most modern technologies such as a control room of a windfarm so that employees can train in safe environment. The lab is managed by a consortium of 4 knowledge institutions.

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Johan Degraeve Breskens

Everyone happy with the blue economy?

Based on sound scientific methods, UGent researchers and partners want to develop a toolbox that allows dialogue with citizens. By involving residents and tourist in our changing coastline, we create a basis of support for the often complex offshore projects such as coastal protection, blue food, port activities and coastal tourism. In this way, we aim to promote sustainable, economic activities that contribute to the transition of the Coastal Region.

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Upcoming events

Hangar 17
16:00 - 22:00
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Where onshore meets offshore

Port Oostende organizes a free get-together for all people active in the Blue Economy in Ostend.
We provide great food, many drinks and a lot of good vibes. It will be the perfect moment to unwind from a busy day at work!

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08:00 - 18:00
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How to improve coastal-rural synergies, COASTAL final conference

COASTAL project is coming to an end and we would like to invite you to its final event at Bluebridge, where we will showcase COASTAL's contribution to rural developments, highlighting unique selling points and added value for practitioners and policymakers, launching the knowledge exchange forum and clarifying our exploitation route.

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13:00 - 16:00

Blue Career Day 2022

Dé jobbeurs voor blauw talent

Economisch Huis Oostende, Bluebridge en partners organiseren een 3de editie van de Blue Career Day te Oostende.
Bedrijven actief in de blauwe economie ontmoeten er studenten en werkzoekenden/werkenden in functie van hun zoektocht naar talent!

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