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Blue Innovation Awards: the winners

Alle Laureaten

The presentation of the Blue Innovation Awards 2022 took place on Thursday 15 December. Blue Cluster organized a ceromony to announce the winning initiatives.

The project CPS Monitoring of Marlinks won the Blue Innovation Wave award. The company closely monitors the condition of submarine cables by measuring acoustic vibrations along the cables. In this way, maintenance and repair work can be optimized.

Drilled XL monopile foundations for offshore wind farms: a triple innovation of DEME was rewarded with the Corporate Blue Innovation Wave award. Within the framework of this project, a solution was devised and realized to build offshore wind farms on rocky soils.

The Belgian demonstration project within UNITED , a collaboration between UGent, Jan De Nul, Brevisco, Colruyt, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and Parkwind, won the Blue Innovation Swell award. The focus is on the combination of offshore wind, aquaculture and recovery of flat oysters and seaweed farming.

The project Wastewater treatment with willows: a nature-based solution of Aquaduin was awarded the Blue Innovation Captain award. This project investigates the potential of willow fields to further purify waste water. This can help to tackle the structural shortage of water in Belgium.

Finally the Moray Base from MULTI.engineering with the Inspirational Blue Wave award, which was handed out by the public. This project concerns a very innovative concept for a floating foundation for offshore wind turbines.  The winners will be put in the spotlight at various events for a year and may use a unique Blue Innovation Awards logo for a year.