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Did you know…

…that Ostend Science Park utilizes existing depressions on the site as buffering and infiltration basins. This prevents floods and raises the groundwater level. As a result, a water surface of approximately 6,300 m² has been created, which can accommodate around 6 hectares of pavement. With this integrated approach, Ostend Science Park demonstrates how site development contributes to sustainable water management. Let’s work together towards improved water management for a more sustainable future!

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Did you know…

…that the artistic mural on one of the side walls of Bluebridge is part of an arts festival?

The Spanish artist Elisa Capdevila painted this work some time ago. She took fellow artist Alba with her and painted a gigantic sleeping baby on the wall of Bluebridge reffering to its incubator function for young companies. The themes this young Spanish woman always incorporates into her work are childhood, nostalgia and family.

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