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e-BO Enterprises nominated again as Trends Gazellen 2023

E Bo Gazellen

We are proud to announce that e-BO Enterprises has been selected for the Trends Gazelles 2023. Within the large companies category, our resident is among the 100 fastest growing companies in the province of West Flanders.

For the 22nd time in a row, Trends Magazine selects 250 ‘Trends Gazelles’ per province. Gazelles are fast-growing companies that form an integral part of our economic landscape. These competitive companies have a positive influence on the business climate in their region. They are sources of innovation and employment. The Trends Gazellen are labeled as an inspiring role model for other companies.

An award to Trends Gazellen is cherished by the business world because of the national reputation and regional recognition.

You become Trends Gazelle based on hard growth figures:

  • growth in added value
  • growth in staff
  • growth in cash flow