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e-BO Enterprises from Ypres exists 20 years .In this period, this high-tech company has become an established value in the field of data management and security for diverse sectors such as wind farms, the prison system, the fire department, defense, ports, companies and corporations.

20 years after its foundation, a new expansion was required and a modern, sleek industrial building has been redesigned in Ostend. The coronavirus delayed the timing of the works for this building. However , the works have been accelerated and the new EBO bastion is taking shape.

EBO Enterprises was the first company on the industrial site to make a flying start. When the building will be entirely finished, it will be 20 meter high. With 10.000 m² of business space, it can welcome 140 employees

The new building will be an architectural masterpiece referring to the environment and durability.It was not a coincidence that this complex on the site of the Ostend Science Park is being realized on the location where facilities are provided in order to further stimulate the development of blue energy .

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