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Escape room puts offshore wind industry in the spotlights

Escape room

16,000 jobs, that is the potential of the offshore wind industry (OWI) in Belgium in the next few years. This also entails a challenging search for suitable profiles for these jobs.

In order to make young people enthusiastic about this industry , POM West-Flanders developed an ‘offshore wind escape room ‘ together with Horizon Educatief vzw as part of the Interreg project ‘Inn2POWER ‘. In the context of Open Company Day on the 6th of October 2019, the game was set up in the Ostend Science Park for one month and later moved on to the premises of Horizon Educatief. The main goal of the game is to raise awareness among young people on the economic, ecological and social benefits of the offshore wind industry. At the same time, the study directions and the career opportunities within the sector were also highlighted.

In the period between October 2019 and January 2020, some 1,000 students of the third grade of primary and secondary education have already come to test the escape room. This exceeded the target of 400 student. For the fall of 2020, many student have registered to crack the code of the escape room. That is why POM West-Flanders  is currently looking to continue the escape room in the future through financing by relevant stakeholders.

Interested in the escape room? Mail to info@horizoneducatief.be


POM West-Vlaanderen

Horizon Educatief

" The main goal of the game is to raise awareness among young people on the economic, ecological and social benefits of the offshore wind industry. "

Ira Lardinois, Project Manager Inn2Power