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GEOxyz joins Ostend Science Park!

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GEOxyz is the second player to choose Ostend Science Park as their home base!

The news comes as work on extending our science park has begun on April 21. GEOxyz, a company specialized in geophysical and geotechnical measurement services, is the second company to base its activities in our blue science park.

In 2020, we welcomed the first company, e-BO Enterprises, before the start of development works at the park. The premises of the leading ICT infrastructure provider is currently under construction and will soon lend an impressive view upon the entry to the park. GEOxyz is the next top name to follow suit and become the new neighbour to the West-Flemish high-tech company.

GEOxyz Brings Cutting-Edge Marine Tech to the Scene

GEOxyz is a leading European service provider with a focus on marine surveys and offshore renewable support activities. It charts the relief, the stratification and the carrying capacity of the seabed. With sophisticated sonar and GPS technology and remotely controlled underwater robots, the company collects underwater data that is crucial for the construction of offshore wind farms, submarine cables & pipelines as well as monitoring of shipping routes.

According to Mr Reyntjens, CEO GEOxyz, “all new GEOxyz technologies and innovation projects will eventually be housed within the GEOxyz knowledge center at Ostend Science Park.”  In the meantime, “a number of innovation projects have already started, the first results of which are expected next year.”

Further expansion at the Park

The City of Ostend approved the environmental permit for the development of the 113,700-m² science park for companies active in the blue economy only at the beginning of 2021; and today marks the start of construction work on the roads, utilities and the green spaces on the vacant lot as well as the surroundings of the incubator, Bluebridge.

The existing site of the park will be cleared and levelled to allow for new activities. The surrounding environment will also be given a makeover. The works include an expansion of the road infrastructure and parking facilities, in combination with high-quality bicycle parking facilities. A quality green space will also be developed on the site to enhance the campus feeling of the science park. The technical implementation design was drawn up by Arcade engineering with due attention to the sustainability aspect. Firma Persyn from Zwevegem is responsible for the implementation. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2021 if all goes according to schedule.

The Ostend Science Park has been striving to serve as an inspiring environment not only for the employees but also for the residents of Ostend and the recent addition could not come at a better time, according to the CEO of the park, Mr Carl Devos:

“We are surely very pleased that, even before the design of the park gets under way, we can already welcome a second company to Ostend Science Park. The arrival of the GEOxyz knowledge centre, a high-tech company with international reputation and fame in the sector, is undoubtedly a major reinforcement of the ecosystem at Ostend Science Park. The fact that GEOxyz is coming here to further develop its innovation projects together with researchers from knowledge institutions and R&D specialists from other companies shows the added value of a science park in the blue economy.”

Ostend Science Park continues its search for other companies from home and abroad that follow the example of e-BO Enterprises and GEOxyz. Companies active in the blue economy will find a suitable ecosystem here to further develop their business thanks to the interaction with researchers from Ghent University, other knowledge institutions, the presence of the Port of Ostend and the availability of real life test infrastructure. Moreover, companies at Ostend Science Park are also getting a tailwind from the globally favourable developments of the blue economy in the Ostend region.

Have a look at further news items around the entry of GEOxyz to Ostend Science Park:


" As a Flemish company, with a strategic roadmap for innovation and product development within the Blue economy, we want to strengthen our market position through close cooperation with UGent and other knowledge centers at the Ostend Science Park. We strongly believe that this collaboration, on behalf of the Blue Economy, with Offshore wind, offshore aquaculture, extensive automation of vessels, etc. as its pillars, will generate an economic lever for sustainable growth and further employment within GEOxyz. "

Patrick Reyntjens, CEO GEOxyz
Geoxyz CEO