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Nemos starts with first tests on the Blue Accelerator


The maritime innovation and development platform Blue Accelerator offers both companies and knowledge institutions a broad range of possibilities to develop and test new blue growth products and services in real life sea conditions at 500 m of the coast of Ostend.

The first developer using the Blue Accelerator is NEMOS GmbH. The Blue Accelerator test platform allows NEMOS to test and evaluate the performance and surviveability of its complete NEMOS Wave Energy Convertor prototype deployed nearby.

The NEMOS system represents a new generation of wave energy converters. With innovative trajectory and control, the system harvests wave energy with higher efficiency than competing systems at comparatively low costs. NEMOS has successfully started testing its wave energy converter prototype in Ostend, Belgium. Following a series of handling and installation tests, the machine was finally deployed at its mooring system 500 m off the coast of Ostend in October 2019.