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The Green Hydrogen Opportunity

H2 Visual Horizontaal

Helicopter view on the green hydrogen opportunity


Join us for a full day at Bluebridge and get a complete overview of the challenges and opportunities green hydrogen represents. Learn from academic experts and industry players which forces drive the production of this sustainable energy source. Students will also pitch. Panelists will engage to discuss makers or breakers. Learn how Belgian demoprojects are progressing.

Headlines of the program

Opening by Minister Tinne Van Der Straeten

Session 1: Scene Setting
  • International best practices will be discussed including view points from the International Energy Agency and European Union.
Session 2: Green H2 production
  • A session on the needs for hydrogen production from geopolitics to sector coupling, water need.
Session 3: Makers or breakers of Green H2
  • Dynamic interactive exchange by experts: scientists, H2 producers and offtakers and policy makers.
Session 4: Infrastructure to enable import
  • What is needed in terms of pipelines and shipping, and can the digital world facilitate?
Session 5: Hydrogen Pitches
  • State of the art of Belgian demoprojects and a glimpse of innovation and the academic H2 backbone.

Discover the full program (09h – 18h30) here: Helicopter view on the green hydrogen opportunity

With the support of POM West-Vlaanderen, Blue Cluster, Hydrogen Platform UGent, Port of Oostende & VITO.




  • 20/04/2022
  • Bluebridge, Ostend Science Park, Wetenschapspark 1, Oostende
  • Organized by Importcoalition, EnerGhentIC, WaterstofNet, Bluebridge & Ostend Science Park
Register here: registration fee of €150 excl. VAT. Livestreaming at a fee of €50 excl. VAT.