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Soon with an electric Blue-bike to Ostend Science Park?

Life X Bluebike Artist Impression Large Logo

Blue-bike, the popular bike-sharing company, has announced the launch of their new electric Blue-bikes that in the near future will offer a sustainable and comfortable commute to Ostend Science Park. The e-bikes feature advanced technology that ensures a smooth and safe ride for users. With this new initiative, Blue-bike aims to provide a convenient and eco-friendly transportation solution for employees and visitors of the park.

Blue-bike has announced that their new electric Blue-bikes will initially be launched in Leuven and later in other cities, including Ostend. The company has received recognition from the federal government for its innovative circular electric shared bicycle, which is part of the Blue-bike “Sharing for Life” project. The bicycle is built from new materials that will be repaired and reused as much as possible, aligning with a zero waste philosophy. The introduction of electric shared bicycles is an important step in the transition to sustainable mobility, offering increased cycling comfort for longer and hilly distances. With this initiative, Blue-bike aims to promote the circular economy in Belgium and reduce carbon emissions in cities.

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