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Visit Canadian delegation


Our science park was honored to host a delegation from the Canadian Embassy.

Ostend Science Park, located in West Flanders, Belgium, is more than just a science park. It is a hub for innovation and collaboration that is thriving in the blue economy ecosystem.

Recently, the science park was honored to host a delegation from the Canadian Embassy, led by H.E. Ambassador Alain Gendron. The delegation, including Michelle Gartland, Charlotte Moreau, and Gert De Boever, were given a tour of the park and discovered many common interests and potential areas for cooperation. During the tour, the delegation visited the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), the Marine Robotics Centre, and tasted seaweed at Donald Deschagt Seaweedchef. They also had discussions about blue energy at Ostend Science Park with the team of POM West-Vlaanderen and closed the day with a visit of Flanders Maritime Laboratory.

Special thanks to Fred Fourie, Juana Jimenez Alcantara, Miet Verhamme, Rebecca Verhaeghe, Ira Lardinois, Geert Dangreau, Lieven Tack, Thibaut Van Zwijnsvoorde, and Maximilian Streicher for sharing their insights and expertise during the tour.

The Ostend Science Park is a prime example of how the blue economy can drive innovation and collaboration. The park’s focus on the blue economy, including ocean energy and marine robotics, is a testament to the potential of this sector to drive economic growth and create new opportunities. The visit from the Canadian delegation is just the beginning of what is sure to be a strong partnership between Ostend Science Park and Canada. The park looks forward to building closer ties in the future and continuing to drive innovation in the blue economy sector.

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