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Wind turbine decommissioning: a closer look at the challenges and opportunities

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Kick-off Ready4Decom

The wind turbines in our country provide green electricity for an average of 25 years. After that, their shift is over, but what happens to the windmills?

Despite our pioneering role in the installation and O&M of wind farms, we lack the experience to dismantle wind turbines sustainably and professionally. We want to change that with the 'Belgium Builds Back Circular' project Ready4Decom. Our goal? Develop an unambiguous and supported strategy for the decommissioning of wind turbines.

Would you like to know more about this project and our ambitions? Then put May 31 in your calendar, because then we will reveal our plans in Bluebridge, the heart of the blue economy.

What can you expect?
A look at the current situation: we zoom in on the current regulations regarding the decommissioning of wind turbines, the gaps and the policy recommendations.
A look to the future: how will the decommissioning take place and what impact will this have on the logistics flows?
Our experts: Johan Gaudens (REBEL) & Dominique Vanherck (Deloitte Legal)


  • 31/05/2023
  • Bluebridge, Ostend Science Park, Wetenschapspark 1, Oostende
  • Organized by POM West-Vlaanderen
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