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Bluebridge - Ostend Science Park
May 31
Header Kickoff Ready4decom

Wind turbine decommissioning: a closer look at the challenges and opportunities

Kick-off Ready4Decom

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Bluebridge - Ostend Science Park
June 13
Dronwewest 2023

Dronewest 2023

Inspections of wind farms and solar panels, medical transport, underwater munitions demining, inventory mapping in warehouses and depots... Drones are becoming more and more capable, so the list of applications is getting longer and longer.

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Ghent and Ostend
July 03 - July 14
Savethedate Summerschool July 2023 (005)

Blue Science & Technology Summer Training

Marine@UGent, partners and the EPIBOOST consortium are pleased to announce the next edition of the Blue Science & Technology Summer Training edition 2023. We offer a two-week intensive programme which will provide participants a strong foundation to further develop a career in the blue economy and life sciences.

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