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Multiple innovations tested at maritime test platform Blue Accelerator

The Blue Accelerator was already a testing ground for aquaculture. Construction of a solar park will start in 2021, as well as tests with alternative solar panel structures, to develop hybrid energy parks.

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Blue Accelerator confirms its status as a major European test lab with new project

Oceans of Energy is planning to deploy a 3 MW off-shore floating PV array in the North Sea in the test zone managed by the team of the Blue Accelerator with headquarters at Bluebridge, Ostend Science Park. With the announcement of the new project, Blue Accelerator confirms its status as a major European test lab for new developments in marine or ocean energy.

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Water climate Hub at Ostend Science Park aims to tackle drought problems

A "Water Climate Hub" will be built at Ostend Science Park to strengthen research and innovation in sustainable water management. Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation Hilde Crevits (CD&V) provides 3 million EUR for this project.

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Preparing a strong academic team to support the current and future Belgian offshore wind energy sector

Ghent University is proud to be the consortium leader of PhairywinD, a brand new offshore wind energy project. The main objective of this project is to prepare a community of nine PhD researchers from different Belgian knowledge institutes to tackle the current and future challenges of the Belgian offshore wind energy sector together.

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Blue accelerator POM

EMEC joins POM in blue research project

To introduce the Blue Accelerator maritime innovation and development platform to the European blue growth market, POM West Flanders called upon the expertise of the renowned European Marine Energy Centre.

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Project BlueMarine┬│.Com boekt mooie eerste resultaten

Het Blauwe Cluster ICON-project BlueMarine┬│.Com kan mooie eerste resultaten voorleggen.

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Participate in The Blue Survey on ocean awareness

Join the wave and participate in The Blue Survey!

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Nemos starts with first tests on the Blue Accelerator

The maritime innovation and development platform Blue Accelerator offers both companies and knowledge institutions a broad range of possibilities to develop and test new blue growth products and services in real life sea conditions at 500 m of the coast of Ostend.

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The impressive Coastal and Ocean Basin: a behind-the-scenes

On February 27th 2017, the construction of a new maritime laboratory, called the Flanders Maritime Laboratory, started in Ostend.

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Innovations In Aquaculture & Bluelifesciences (2)

Innovations in Blue Life Sciences

Curious to know which are the latest developments in the field of blue life sciences & aquaculture in Belgium?
Would you like to know more about the successful collaboration between blue life sciences and industry in Flanders?

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